Guided Reading!!

Guided Reading:

Important for children and teachers! Guided Reading allows the teachers to understand more on a personal level where the students are…and allows the students opportunities to learn on a more personal and individualized level. Many times as teachers…we do not know where to go with guided reading or how to squeeze in a fabulous lesson in…oh, about 15-20 minutes. I will say, no matter who you are…it is hard. But should it be neglected? No, No and NO! Never! Some of the best growth your students will do is during that guided reading time. The best advice I can give is…be prepared! Don’t be running around gathering books while your kids are waiting. Do not try to make up questions on the fly…(it doesn’t work.) Be prepared…treat your guided reading time just like another lesson you are planning for (because it IS another lesson.) Okay, I know…I am lecturing…on to how I can help!

I have been searching for goodies to add to my ever-growing Guided Reading Notebook. I found some excellent things that are sure to help your students become more responsible for their learning at the guided reading table and away from it. I also found some great things to help YOU (the teacher) feel a little less like pulling your hair out. 🙂

This is just a quick guide to Before, During and After Reading; kind of a cheat sheet for teachers. You could tape this to your guided reading table or on the inside of your notebook to remind you of all the things going on during guided reading! Guided Reading Cheat Sheet.

This is a goal setting bookmark for the students! They can fill out what their goals are for the next time you meet with them. (In my case, I would probably have them set goals for the week.) I meet with my kids every day…so weekly goals would be better. Then the next week, we can see if they met their goals. I believe knowing what the students want from themselves, helps the teacher with preparing instruction! Guided Reading Goal Setting Bookmarks.

This is a Rigorous Reading Response Bookmark! In my class, we respond, respond, respond! During the student’s independent reading time…I always have them respond in some sort of way! (I say always…I started that middle of last year and loved it!) But from now on…ALWAYS! 🙂 I love the idea of these bookmarks. While I am meeting with guided reading groups and the students are doing stations or independent reading–they can choose a few of these questions to respond to. The students can do it on paper, or even (if you trust them a lot) respond to a partner! (I will wait to do that until later in the year.) Anyway–I think these are great! It might also be good to pass out on Meet the Teacher Night to parents (a copy for home.) Keep in mind–these are rigorous questions!! The students may not be able to do all of them–or you may reserve them for certain students. Rigorous Reader Response Bookmarks.

Lastly, (my favorites!) These are prompt cards of questions you can ask your students during guided reading! Or they can draw one and answer it! I love these! I am thinking of making some with a few higher level questions on them as well! I just love them! Guided Reading Prompt Cards.