Spicing Up a Few Words!

Below is an anchor chart I will make in my classroom for my kiddos, minus the humungous writing smiley man in the middle. (It looks normal on my print off.) Anyway–I saw this on Pinterest, but of course–you had to buy it. I thought, why would I buy it when I can make one similar to it? I am always looking for words my kids can use in their writing, and even more so…I am always encouraging them to use different words. This year they will have a reader’s/writer’s notebook and they will have a copy of this to add in there as a reference. I think the words are great! Then as an added bonus, the kids will create their own “on-going” list of words that they learn during the year to use in their writing. We have to get away from words such as “good, bad, like, said, nice, happy” etc…LET’S SPICE IT UP PEOPLE!! So enjoy! (Oh and again, ignore giant writing smiley man below–sorry if he frightened you, he won’t crop.) 🙂 
Let me know if you want the template for this–I have it in a word document, it can be adapted for any grade level. It’s not fancy but could be helpful! I can e-mail it to you!
Descriptive Words to Use in my Writing

Hearing Words
·       Buzz
·       Chatter
·       Mumble
·       Rumble
·       Squeal
·       Wail
Tasting Words
·       Bitter
·       Bland
·       Salty
·       Spicy
·       Tangy
·       Tart
Feeling Words
·       Bumpy
·       Frosty
·       Furry
·       Prickly
·       Slippery
·       Sticky
Smelling Words
·       Burnt
·       Fresh
·       Musty
·       Rotten
·       Sour
·       Sweet
Seeing Words
·       Cluttered
·       crooked
·       Immense
·       Lovely
·       Shabby
·       Tidy
Color Words
·       Aqua
·       Beige
·       Bronze
·       Coral
·       Ebony
·       Violet