The SCOOP on Comprehension!

I am in love with this new creation!! Not only do I love ice cream (probably a little too much) but I love the colors on this AND of course the idea behind it! Comprehension is a tricky thing for kids. As I have said before–teaching kids to read WORDS is only half the battle (trust me, it’s not easy to do that part) but then there is a whole different battle to fight when you are trying to get kiddos to understand what they read. However, it is a battle that we teachers were made to fight! (And we usually win, which in turn…means the kids win.) 🙂 Seeing a child read to me is beautiful…seeing them understand what they read is amazing.

We expect so much of kids these days, reading is no different. There are so many things that go into reading! We don’t want our kids to just learn to read, or really even JUST understand what they read. The ultimate goal is for our kids to think PAST the book…what would happen if? Why did the character do this? If I was the character I would…Where can I learn more about this? etc…it’s all of that critical thinking that seems to be getting pushed further and further back in age. On to my point…I believe this creation will be a great addition to the classroom! It includes all of the skills we teach and the parts of comprehending that are so important (which is every part!) Plus–it’s cute. 🙂

Here is the top! It didn’t show up well in the other photos!
All of our wonderful strategies for comprehension!
A little closer!

I wish I had a place to hang this up so I could get a better picture–but I will take a picture of it when I get it in my classroom! I am thinking right up front on my dry erase board! I want the kids to become VERY familiar with the terms. We will talk about them daily and review what they are! Also–this will be great for my chapter book read alouds! In one 10 minute setting we do each of these things multiple times. I always tell the kids, but now they can actually look up there and see a visualization of what we do each time we read!

Here is the link for all of the printables!