Text Feature Game

I’m pretty excited about the fact that I can upload files now! 🙂 I have a great game I want to share with you! It’s a text feature game, BUT can be adopted for ANY grade and any activity!

The Game Board is very generic and can be used for any game–math, vocabulary, spelling, ANYTHING! I decided to use it for text features last year because my kids needed help remembering what the text features were!

The Cards are in a word document so you can change them to match an of your needs! Just type in vocbulary words, or math problems, or whatever! Pretty fun huh? Well, I thought so. 🙂 Then add a dice or two and some movers (bingo chips, bear counters, etc.) (sorry I can’t give you those) and you are done!

Instructions for the text feature game were simple. A child draws a defintion card, reads it then has to say which text feature it is. There is a word bank card so they can have a little help if they need to look at it (the first time). If they get it right, they get to move, if they get it wrong, another child answers the correct answer and the student that rolled just stays put and doesn’t get to move his or her game piece. I let my kids place it twice, the second time they could not use the word bank card! It proved to be fun but a little difficult for them! I was glad! If it was too easy then I am not doing my job! Again I state though, you can do this with any subject/activity, etc.

Now of course, as you know this is not the actual LESSON. But perhaps it could be used for stations or centers, and just an extra game for the kiddos that ALWAYS finish before other kids and potentially drive you crazy but you love them?? Yes, I thought so.

I made these for my team last year–laminated them and put them in baggies…they were very grateful and I believe used them often.

Also, here are all my previous post freebies. (I can’t do the ice cream because I actually purchased that…) I don’t think she would appriciate me giving it away for free. 🙂 Enjoy–stay tuned for more freebies!

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