Community Supply Bins

As many of you know, I teach 3rd grade (at Gilmer ISD) and we team teach. I really love team teaching–it was a huge adjustment at first but once we made the change and committed, it’s great! However, there are a few organizational issues that I have run into and I think I finally found a solution! When the kids move from one classroom to the other, you don’t want them to have to take their supplies with them. Just imagine it–40 kids in the hall…talking (although they shouldn’t be) :), and carrying markers, glue, crayons, scissors, pencils, ETC! YIKES. What is the solution you ask?? COMMUNITY SUPPLY BINS. I know you are thinking–duh Hillary, how hard is that? Well, it isn’t hard at all, until about 6 weeks into the school year and the kids have worn out whatever “great” system you had in place. Well, I have finally found a full proof system (thanks Pinterest!). So see the pictures below!! (Some pictures are mine and most are from the girl I took the idea from!)

Supply Bins with Labeled Cups
You can do small cups or large cups!
Place marbles in the bottom so they don’t topple over!

And there you have it! A full-proof organizational method for supplies! But I must give credit where credit is due–these so far are Lady Bug’s pictures. Go visit her site! Below is a quick glimpse at the ones I made (minus the marbles–I am adding those at the beginning of the year!)

A 3 in 1 Photo!! 🙂 Her labels are wonderful, easy to print and great looking! Enjoy!