Check, Check and Check!

I had a very productive day today and I LOVE days like that! I was able to go to the school and work on curriculum with a team member of mine for the entire day…that may not sound like fun to you–but in our eyes, planning ahead is fun because it makes our lives easier! I am very excited about the team I will be working with next year and I am glad we are ready to hit the ground running in August!

I also was able to squeeze in a little work in my room. I cannot do everything I want to right now because our rooms haven’t been cleaned…but I was able to do some things on the wall today.

My Boggle Board Is Up!!

I plan on having the kids go to this when they are finished with an assignment or maybe as one of their “May Do” assignments throughout the day. The buckets are so they can put in their words and then get prizes if I draw their word out at the end of day (with their name on the slip of course). I also printed off sheets they can fill out at the back with partners if I choose to do that on any given day. I like it because it leaves me some flexibility!

Here a two more organizational things I did. I seem to have this never-ending and ever-growing pile of papers…things I need to grade, file, and wait…can you guess….copy! So…now I have a place for all of those papers and it is labeled. I will of course put something cute on the top…perhaps a stuffed animal or flowers, or something! A teacher is nothing without cuteness. 🙂

Now this little treasure was also easy to do…I have always had a system for filing all of my papers for the week (papers and lessons I will do that pertain to the lesson plan.) However, the more involved our lessons get (and they get pretty involved) my old system of file folders just doesn’t work. I also believe this will come in handy for a sub.

This next one is just for fun for the kiddos! I plan on writing things like (what is written below), or “Go Back and Check Your Work.” orrr….”Smile, you are DONE!.” Or…”Did you do #12?” Just to see if they are paying attention! 😉 The yellow basket is where they turn in their work…guess that is important to know in order to get the point of the message!

(BTW…the frame is straight…my iphone picture is not.)

I am not near done…but I was proud of the things I got done today in the short 30 minutes I had to get stuff (non-curriculum related) done. I also got one of my team members to join Pinterest and she is really excited about it! (I was REALLLY excited about it)–she is a fabulous teacher and crazy about organization–once I showed her some of my new things (because we were working in my room) she was intrigued! So–now she is a pinner! I know, I know…it’s addictive. 🙂