Two More Goodies! :)

I think I will cram two into one today! 🙂 I just finished two projects and I am quite proud of them both.

Numero Uno.

I have decided that kids (as lovely as they are) do not pay attention to most things that are said in class. However, I have also figured out that kids will pay attention to anything that looks different or fun! (I’m quite sure adults are this way too) 🙂 Human Nature Right? Well, at the end of every day–I am busy telling kids; “don’t forget this, do this, bring this, get this signed, OH, and have a great afternoon!!” Yeah…they don’t hear it. So, one of my lovely children last year said, “Mrs. Kiser–just write that stuff on the board…” (DUH). They seemed to notice it more…soooo…I created these (again thanks to Pinterest).

So, how did I do it? Simple! Cheapy frames from Wal-Mart, scrapbook paper, Visa-Vi Marker…and Viola! Cute Dry Erase Frames! You should try it, it truly is so simple! I think I am going to also do one for our house! Maybe even one for Rex’s room so I can leave him cute messages–when he can read of course! Anyway–all at another time. I think these will work great in my class this year though! (Oh, and clean off with baby wipes! I seem to have an abundant supply of those around here.) 🙂

Numero Dos.

On to project number two for the day. Let’s talk reading again. What is reading? What makes up a GOOD reader? Remember, reading words on the page is a start–but it doesn’t make a truly good reader. As teachers–we use the crazy words all year around our children. “Hmmm, that was great Suzy, but you need to work on your phrasing and fluency.” “Wow, Molly…fabulous, your accuracy was great.” The kids respond but these blank stares and puzzled looks. Why? Because they do not know what I just told them to work on, or what they are doing well. Of course…as a teacher we then explain…but wouldn’t it help for the kids to be familiar with those words in advance? I think, YES. So, here is a new addition for my reading corner. We will go over them daily (or at least every other day) when we discuss what a good reader must do. Only thing left to do is laminate and hang up!

I am still a little slow on this blog thing, and I can’t seem to figure out how to link a word document on here (if that is even possible.) Anyway, I have these typed up and will happily e-mail them to you if you want them! Just shoot me a message on here, facebook, or e-mail me. Oh, and if you know how to link a word document…you can fill me in on that as well. 🙂