Compound Word Match-Up!

I am always looking for station ideas! (Stations are what we call our centers) I have a team of 8 teachers and they are also always looking for stations. We don’t want to throw any old worksheet in the station and tell the kids to get busy. Stations need to be fun, intereactive and an independent activity (meaning, although we want higher level activities…it needs to be something the children can do on their own.) In my particular class…I like to have some sort of producable at then end of the station (something the kids turn in to me) I don’t usually grade this, but it allows me to see what the students worked on during the station time.

Anyway, we all know kids will be kids and fuss and argue during most games. I dabble a few games in here and there…but they really make me want to pull my hair out. 🙂 So I try to dabble a few games that they can do ON THEIR OWN…not competeing against someone else. Here is my Compound Word Match-Up Its a matching activity that they can do with a partner but they have their own set of cards.

Suggestion: Print a few sets of these cards on colored paper or colored cardstock. It dresses up the look of it without having to do anything fancy then laminate, cut and put in baggies. Print a few copies of the activity sheet and your station is ready for 3 or 4 kids to participate!

How the activity works: After the cards are cut out, the students match up the words to make compound words! Simple! Then (as the producable) the students will fill in the words they made on the activity sheet and turn it in! Should be around a 15-20 minute station. Extension: The students can turn the cards face down and play a memory game with them by trying to find a match for the word they turned over. (For example…they turn over “paper,” now they try to find “clip.” PAPERCLIP.)

So get to printing and enjoy! 🙂

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