What’s the Word?

Whew, busy day here in the Kiser household! First of all, let me tell you–Garage Sales are the way to go for getting books for your classroom. Got a large amount of Junie B. Jones Books, Cam Jansen, Clemintine, etc. 🙂 Side Note-3rd and 4th grade students LOVE Junie B. Jones!! (Boys and Girls) I have a ton already–now I have a ton more!! I also found some pocket charts and other things that were barely used! Needless to say, it was a successful morning!

Got all of these for $10! 🙂

So on a personal note, hubby is doing ribs tonight and we are having company over–so between that, garage sales, and my one year old, I haven’t been very creative today. However, here is a picture of a quick sign I made on the computer.

I found a neat idea on pinterest that I just had to incorporate in my classroom!  This past year, I had some kids that were…ummm…full of energy, eager beavers some would call them! Transition time proved to be a bit of an issue, they would start moving before I was ever finished with my directions.

This is a great way to incorporate vocabulary into transition time, and keep from pulling your hair out! Underneath this sign, I would write a word I want the kids to know/learn. (For example, HONESTY-might be written under this sign.) From there, every time we are about to transition into anything (basically any time I am about to give instructions for something) the kids have to wait until the WORD OF THE DAY is said until they can begin transitioning. I believe a way I can do that in my room is give the instructions (after of course practicing this with my kids for about two weeks straight) 🙂 then after I give them intructions for stations, or whatever I will say…”Okay, that is all of the instructions, our Word of The Day is HONESTY” then they would say “HONESTY” and go. Otherwise…I believe if they are just “waiting” for me to say it, I will have even MORE eager beavers.

I believe the most important part of this though is that the kids are learning new words. At the beginning of each day I will have a volunteer look up the word in the dictionary, read the defintion then we will talk about what that means. Some days it will be character traits like Honesty, Integrity, etc. Other days it may be “Product” and we will talk about the different meanings (item sold, or the answer to a multiplication problem) Basically I will just get creative with it and let the kids explore new words!

Oh and by the way…I get to keep my sanity! (Maybe that will be the word of the day sometime) lol. 🙂 Anyway–I believe in giving credit where credit is due! So here is the link I found this idea on…oh and she has a freebie WORD OF THE DAY Sign! 🙂 I made my own so it would match my room–super easy but hers is cute too!

Word of The Day!

Your homework for next weekend…HIT THOSE GARAGE SALES and find some books! 🙂

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