Staying Organized!!

This year I am determined to push my organizational skills to the max. I find that the more organized you are, the easier life treats you. 🙂 I decided to make a binder this year to complete all of my needs! I usually keep a teaming notebook that I can take with me to meetings, then I have a student information folder, a data folder, post its galore, and then I still end up forgetting things! Organized chaos? Yes.

Well this year, I’m taking out the chaos part and just being organized (or so I think….we shall see.) Here is the binder I have decided will be my new best friend, right arm man (or woman), and my life line. Don’t frown upon me when you see me with this notebook–just know I can’t survive without it.

Here is the cover–Nothing Fancy.
All of my important curriculum information and dates!

I’m  not sure why this is sideways, but anyway–IMPORTANT INFORMATION. I will put parent contact info, schedules, emergency plan, class roster, conference times, etc in here.
Throughout the year, we have data meetings on the students; this section will eleminate the folder I have for student data.

Obviously… 🙂
This section will be for lesson plan ideas–not lesson plans…I need a much bigger notebook for those! 🙂

We meet as a team many times a week…these will be any notes I have to share with the team, or that I recieve at our meetings.

We do not have very many faculty meetings but when we do, they are jam packed with information–so this will eleminate the “good grief, where do I put that paper” problem.

Professional Learning Community Notes–there will be many!

I wish this wasn’t sideways, but this is an up close look at my dividers. After an hour of toying with it–I figured out the settings so I could type and print on the dividers. Hooray! Now they look nice and neat!

Also in the front I have my portable calendar and in the back I keep an EZ Grader, and my Rigby Record Sheet. (It tells all of my running record information at a glance so I don’t have to do so much figuring.) All in all–I believe this will help me keep my sanity this year. I have always been an organized person but I also believe my organization can ALWAYS get better!

Like the font?? Well, it is special! It’s called Good Dog. Download it free HERE!

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