My Adventures of Teaching!

I decided to start a blog of my adventures in teaching. This page will include a number of things from things my kiddos make, exciting new ways of teaching something and even some of my crafty crafts for my classroom. We are finally on summer break and since I do not have a newborn at home this summer, I plan on keeping up with this blog! Pinterest, as you know, is a very exciting place these days! I have been working to make some of my Pinterest dreams come true; starting with my son’s first birthday (which was a huge success) and now on to my classroom! Hopefully my fellow teacher friends (and even those of you that aren’t teachers) will enjoy this blog and all of the goodies to go along with it!

2 thoughts on “My Adventures of Teaching!

  1. A friend of mine led me to your far I love it..i will be starting my 8th year of teaching 5th grade and it is time to spice things up a bit..thanks and keep the ideas coming

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