Spooky Goodies

Halloween is quickly approaching! You may not do things for your students (or you may) but if you don’t, hopefully you will still find these useful for your own kiddos, friends, teammates, or administration! 

One of my favorite treat ideas are these little bags! 

These cheesepuffs can be found in bulk at Target, Wal-Mart, Sam’s, etc! I use these cellophane bags. Then print these tags and staple! Super cute and kids love them!! 

Another one of my favorite treat tags this time of year is the Twix or Treat Tag! 

I use these every year for my parent volunteers, administration and teammates! I just purchase mason jars and fill them with Twix! I add some ribbon and the tag, then I am done! They are a hit each year!  

Lastly, my students have always loved Pop Rocks (so do my kids!) These Pumpkin Orange Pop Rocks are perfect for these tags! These printables are so easy to use and go great with Pop Rocks! 

I hope these give you some fun ideas for your students, staff and friends! Happy Halloween! 

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