Literacy Detective

How do you engage readers? There are so many ways this task can be accomplished but we can all agree that making reading interesting is one part of this task! 

Bethany over at Teaching and So Fourth has wonderful ideas for engaging readers! Her Detective Themed Literature Circles is one of my favorite ways to make reading interesting! 

Now, it isn’t enough to just hand out the books and jobs…then be done with it. Right? You have to do more! I love her library area and how it is decorated with Keep Out Tape, Police Hats, and Flashlights

She has the books assigned and then moves to assigning jobs! 

Each child, in each group, has their own special job! 

And further more, I love allowing my students to “flashlight read” when they first get their books! I just purchase these flashlights on Amazon and each child will has one. Then turn the lights out and let the students read using their flashlights! The kids love it! 

There are so many great ways to make reading fun. This way doesn’t break the bank and will capture the attention of the students! 

In the end, we just want to build a love for reading…this idea not only helps build a love for reading but also a desire for it!