Sink Those Words

Vocabulary is crucial for your students and finding an engaging way to teach it can be hard! 

I use this Vocabulary Curriculum in the classroom to pull my words, activities and assessments! It is engaging, organized and meaningful for the students! However, students also need kinesthetic ways of learning as well! 

Vocabulary Basketball. I saw this idea on 4 The Love of Teaching’s Blog and I was sold! 

The idea is, divide the class into two teams and have the words written on the board. Call out the definition and the first team to get the word (or first student) gets to take a shot! 1 point for getting the word and 2 or 3 points for making a basket! 

Here is the Hoop and Ball I purchased! 

Many have asked…”how do you keep students from getting upset if a teammate misses?” Conversation. We have a conversation about how we will treat our team. If they can’t handle it, we don’t play. Trust me, they learn to handle it! 🙂 

I hope you will try this in your classroom! The students love it and you will feel great about the students mastering their vocabulary words! 

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