Red Light, Green Light!

Keeping students on task and having the students manage their own time when you are teaching a small group or working with another student can be a challenge.
Many people enjoy using timers projected on their board. If that works for your students, great! These timers have not worked well for me in the past though. My students have enjoyed watching the timers count down a little too much. Even though I would tell them “don’t focus on the timer,” they would still become distracted. I also found that if I tried to tell them it was time to clean up, I would become distracted and forget! The struggle is real!
I did finally find something that I love though! The Time Tracker Mini is one of my favorite classroom management tools!

My favorite place to use it is in centers. Place this in your centers and set the timer (I do 20 minutes total on the green dial) then set the warning dial for 3 minutes. The warning tells the students it is time to finish up and clean up their area!
The light turns from green, to yellow, then to red when time is up! It is perfect for keeping students on task and managing their time!
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I’ve found that being prepared for each area of the day makes our job with classroom management so much easier!

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