Six Bucks and a Sharpie! 

Classroom Management doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming! For years I have been doing “Mystery Student” and all it took was $6 and a Sharpie!


Mystery Student is simple. First, grab some Poker Chips!

Next, number the poker chips according to how many students you have in your class. (I do 30 before the school year starts, just to be safe.) Assign each student a number (I do this alphabetically) and that is their Mystery Chip number.

Using a container you already have, place the chips in the container and on the first day of school, explain the process to the students. What is the process? Let me tell you.
Each time the students transition in the classroom, go from one place to another, have a visitor, or really any time you choose to use it, you will choose a “Mystery Student” from the container. That chip will go in your pocket, hand, or I even keep mine in my lanyard pouch. If the “Mystery Student” does everything they are suppose to do, the class will receive a point. If the “Mystery Student” does not, the class just does not receive a point. No points are taken away, and the class ONLY finds out the “Mystery Student” if the student has a done a great job. No shaming here folks, please. 
You will be amazed at how much the behavior and the student’s expectations for themselves will increase! 
You can do what you please with the point system. We do 10 points gets extra recess, 20 points gets lunch in the classroom with the teacher, etc. 
The great thing about “Mystery Student” is you can take it anywhere you want! It is a completely portable classroom management system! 
I encourage you to use this in your classroom! It is a positive message to the student, and they are so proud of the “Mystery Student” when they earn the class a point! Talk about building a strong classroom community! What a great tool to start off your year on an exciting and positive note!
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