Ding Dong! Who’s There?

Oh man, I have been wanting to share about this favorite classroom management tip of mine for a while now, but my blog has been inactive…(don’t get me started.) Finally, after the lovely Georgia Lou Studios helped me out, it is up and we are back in business!

While this blog post will be short, you will love this classroom management tip! I must confess though, I completely “stole” this idea from the Mustache King at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard! When I saw what he was doing, I was sold!

First, simply head on over to Amazon (because we all love PRIME right?) and snag a wireless doorbell!

The wireless doorbell receiver simply plugs into the wall in your classroom, and the transmitter remote is easily worn around your neck, placed in your pocket, or just laid on your desk. It includes 50 chimes and no batteries are required! When you want to get your student’s attention or it is time to move on to another station, center, activity, line up, etc…simply ring the doorbell and it chimes.

What I really love is…the chimes are not annoying, they are almost soothing but still grab the student’s attention. I will never go back to the vocal attention grabbers. I know those work for many, but for me…I enjoy this method!

Anyway, I hope this helps! It was one of those moments where I thought, “why didn’t I think of that!?” I love my online teacher community for this reason though! We share, we learn, we care!

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I hope this helps!

Happy Teaching!