Task Cards!

During last school year, we had students that had trouble with different skills…I am sure every teacher has had this problem! I decided to create task cards for the students to complete when they finished reading a book! I wanted cards that would work with pretty much any book! The students read the book, then complete the card! I loved this idea because the students could choose the task card they were having the most trouble with and practice that skill! I rewarded the students when they completed the task card correctly and “checked” that skill off their list! The students really enjoyed the task cards! The cards are fun but the students also liked that they can choose what book to read (within reason of course!) 🙂

Here is an example of one task card! You can find the whole set here!
There are task cards for each skill (fiction and non-fiction) I just put mine in a notebook (in page protectors) and let the kids work through them on another piece of paper!
I also created a Elements of Fiction Task Card for the kids! This card includes more on one card–all of the elements of fiction! I made a flipbook with this for the kids and they put one element on each flap! It can be done many ways though!
The students liked doing this one too! Of course it only works with fiction but it really drives the elements home for the kids! You can find it here!
Don’t worry, all of my cards aren’t pink! They come in blue, green and pink! 🙂 Go check out my TpT store! You will find some great goodies!
I hope you enjoy!


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