My New Classroom at Hudson Pep!

Here is my new classroom at my new school! I am so very excited about this year! I still have some things to add…but it is close to being finished!

I downsized my reading corner a lot due to the fact that that I did not need books ranging from Kindergarten-4th Grade!

Here is my “small group” table…and bulletin board!

Close up of my bulletin board! Our theme this year for the school is “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” When I get the kid’s names…I am going to put them on the balloons! 🙂

My awesome and huge counter top! :)

Cubbies! Love them! Finally a place to put backpacks!

Part of my teacher corner.

My teacher corner and objective boards! I need two more objective boards for math and science!

My organizers!

Glimpse of the class from the enterance!

I am not sure what this section will be…I am adding a pink bean bag…so I may have to use a different rug. I just want the kids to have many places to read and do work out of their seats.

My reading corner!

My SmartBoard and Bookshelves!
It’s hard to read in the picture but it says “We are STAARS!” 🙂
Again, I am still adding things but it is ALMOST complete! I cannot wait to get this year started!

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