Who loves buckets? This Girl! You see…Target always has buckets in their dollar bins and I am a fan of HUGE deals…especially for teacher things. So the other day I went in to Target…I think for diapers…but came out with about 12 buckets…maybe they are pails…but I call them buckets. I got yellows, pinks, turquoise…you name it, I got it! 3 for $1! I stocked up! Then much to my surprise, I remembered I had a Pinterest project I had been wanting to complete…the rest is history!

I took these 3 buckets, placed labels on them and then added scrapbook letters…all very cheap! I also bought magnetic hooks (I didn’t have these already, but bought them at Wal-mart…4 for $2.22) I have always wanted these, just kept forgetting to make them. I will hang them on my dry erase board. I hate having junk on the tray of my dry erase board…and I have a TON of magnets…they just take up space until I am ready to use them! Plus, this just adds some pretty to my board! 🙂

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