Math Choice Board

Wow, what a busy week! We took our toddler to see family in Kansas…a 9 hour car trip, talk about hard! He was a champ though and we had a blast!

Time for moving into my classroom is getting close! I cannot wait to get started! I have been thinking though, the last 2 years I have taught reading, writing and social studies; this year I will go back to being self-contained. I am very excited about teaching all subjects again and having only 22 children BUT I realized I need to get busy preparing for math again!

This past year, I created a Choice Board Bundle to use with my kids when they are finished with work, or when they had mastered a skill and did not need the re-teach time. I decided to create a Math Choice Board as well for this coming year. Here is a picture of it!

The choice board allows students to have a variety of activities that they can do independently but also be challenged. I do not like to “waste” time in my classroom. Students need to know the expectations for when they are finished. I like to have my students complete a square and then color it in. When they complete 5 in a row, they get a prize. However, I check their work to make sure they are not saying they did it when they did not. The kids LOVE these! Give it a whirl!

Oh, and the activities can be adjusted for different grade levels! 🙂

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