New Job, New Ideas!

Hello All!!

I am very excited to be back in the blogging world…many things have happened this year that have lead to some wonderful changes in my life!

1. I am 5 days away from completing my Principal Certification! I am very excited about completing this–it has been hard to complete with a toddler but I am so glad I am done! (almost) 🙂

2. I have been blessed with the opportunity to move to another district as a third grade teacher! I will be working for Hudson Pep next year and am very excited for this new adventure!

So…with a new adventure comes new ideas! I am so excited for my new classroom, new students, new organization ideas and new blog posts!

I think I am most excited about the organization part. Right now I cannot complete the move in process until middle of July…so I will have to apologize for stealing other people’s pictures to show what I want to do in my new room. I will give credit though, I promise! 🙂

One thing I am most excited about and am already in the process of putting together is a new notebook for this year! Mrs. Heeren has a great binder that I have purchased from TpT and it looks amazing!

Here is a sample picture of all of the components it inculdes. I am not using every page, but I am very excited about what she has to offer! It has EVERYTHING I need! I am one of those people that I must have everything in one place…this does just that! I love it! Go buy it, it is $4.00 and totally worth it!

Another document I will put in the notebook, just because I am a tad OCD…is a Class Contact Information Sheet. I searched and searched for one that was already made that fit all of the categories I needed it to: Student Name, Address, Phone Number, E-Mail (Parent), and Transportation Information (for in the afternoons)…but came up with nothing online. So I decided to create my own!

While my document is nothing fancy, I will print it out (when I finish my notebook) on turquoise card stock (to match my notebook) and it will look beautiful! If you like and want to download, it can be found here! I’m all about making things and using cardstock to make it look fancy! This sheet will come in so handy after the crazyness of “Meet the Teacher” has happened and I have all of my little darlin’s information. I will consolidate and be ready to begin a wonderful year!

One final jewel on organization I have to share (I could go on all night) is a Writing Portfolio Crate! I have no idea why I did not think about this sooner!! In 3rd grade…we write, write and write! I have always just kept the student’s writing with their other graded papers…but then when I needed to look at writing samples, it took forever to dig through all of them. This idea is brilliant and so easy (cute too!)


I am waiting to see what colors I do my new classroom in to make this, but when I do, I will post it and make it available for downloading! Right now you can find this blog post here! She has great organization ideas as well! I have used some of her stuff in previous years!

Well, I must say again, it is great to be blogging again this summer and I am very much looking forward to the new adventures 2013-2014 holds! Happy Summer!

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