My New Guided Reading Notebook!

I have been working on a few notebooks to help make my life a little easier! One of them is my guided reading notebook. I decided to “revamp” it this year. Here is the cover I used for my notebook! I wanted to set it apart from my others!

I also wanted to include a system for assessing my students. I came across this Guided Reading Rubric. I highly recommend using this! It comes with the rubric and the student grid for marking their progress. I placed dividers in my notebook (which I will label later) and then behind each divider I placed 3 student grids. (There are six students per grid, so that will be enough per group for about 2 weeks, then I will print more.) It is perfect, there are enough students per grid that one sheet can equal a whole guided reading group! I love having it all on one sheet! Each (of the first 5) dividers will be a group–but I let them name their own groups when school starts–so I will label them then!

Oh and I placed the actual rubric for the checking system at the front of the notebook.
Here is a copy of the checking system. The link above will take you right to it where you can print it off though!

The next part of my notebook are my Reader’s Responses for my guided reading table. Now I might use some of these outside of Guided Reading, but for the most part…these are to assess the students knowledge of what we have covered that week. There are a ton of them at the link I listed…but I took a picture of a few of my favs in my notebook! I have a blank page protector in each group’s section so I can keep their work (the responses) they complete in the notebook too; this will help me see their progress over time and what they are still struggling with. (The work will not be graded, it is just for practice.)

Oh and I love this cover sheet! 🙂 I put it in a page protector right in front of it’s own divider!

I added a few other things as well! I have address labels, I will use these for Rigby’s. After a test a student (if he or she moves up) I will write the new information and stick it on my Rigby Record Sheet (over the last information); this keeps me from starting a new sheet each six weeks.
I also placed a copy of this Text Feature Guide in my guided reading notebook.
I will pull it out when we read non-fiction at the guided reading table–and we will go over text features and see which features we can find in our text! I also purchased a set of text feature/non-fiction responses and graphic organizers from here. It was cheap and they are great!! I plan on using some of those as well, I just haven’t added them to the response section of my notebook yet!
Again I say, organization is key! I hope all of these links and pictures help and you can do something great that works for you!

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