A View of My Classroom!

Wow, it has been a busy week but a GREAT week! I am so excited about this upcoming year! I just really feel like our campus is on fire this year! We made tremendous growth with our kids and as educators last year…even though it was tough! I am just excited to see what this year has in store!
With that being said…I have finally finished my classroom (well except for a few “cleaning/organizational” things.) I took some pics today…please excuse the fact that they are iphone pictures! At least you will get a glimpse into my world!

Every year, I have a very diverse class (as do all teachers)…I love these little people for my wall! They are all so diverse, perfect for my class!

My kids will use this board to ask questions as needed (any question they want…such as, where is China? How tall is my teacher? Where do pickles come from? How do you divide? ETC.) I will pick a few at the end of the day to answer! So fun!

My Station Organization!
Bleh, sorry for the glare…I tried! Anyway, this is our acronym for what STAAR means in our room! If the students do all of these things on there work…it gets posted on the STAAR board (pictured below!) This work does not have to be a 100…it is for effort, not accuracy! But…we hope for accuracy too!
Comprehension Posters!!
 I do not have a job for each child…I find this works better and I just utilize the heck out of them! 🙂 I will obviously have popsicle sticks in them with the kids names on them. (I will draw the sticks out each week, to be fair.)

Reading Corner Wall!

Reading Corner!
Other Wall in the Reading Corner! These are my posters for explaining important words for Great Readers!
Bad picture, but this is my organizer I made and pictures of my hubby and son!! 🙂

Desks pretty much ready for Meet the Teacher! I love my iPod name tags!
Boggle Board (again)! Are you tired of seeing it yet?

Early Bird Section: This is right above where they turn in their papers! I will change out the sign under Early Birds every day or every other day! The students will know exactly what to do if they finish early!!
Boys and Girls Bathroom Pass: The students will put this on their desk when they leave and then use it and put it back when they come back! 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Pencil Area! The little “wishing well” will have pennies in it and the students will use those for erasers!

Voice Levels! I will have a clothes pin on the poster and move it up and down as needed. Clothes pins are hard to find this year, you better stock up! 🙂 Voice Levels helped last year, looking forward to having it again!
So there is some of my room!! Obviously not all of it, but enough! I didn’t go into detail on all of the items or link them because they are all already on my blog in previous posts! So feel free to peruse my blog and steal ideas!! What’s mine is yours!!