Reading Responses created by Yours Truly!

Reader’s Responses are very important in the classroom. For me, they help me understand what my kids are taking out of the story. Are they understanding what they are reading? If they are, are they understanding the different components of the story? The list goes on…depending on what type of response you have them do.

So, I was in a teacher store the other day, looking for a book of responses that I can just run off for my kids. However, most of them were story specific (I want ones that will fit with any story) and the books were pretty pricey. I already think it’s very unfair that teacher’s have to pay for their own things to educate children…BUT I won’t get started on that. 🙂 However, if it is cheap, I never mind purchasing some things here or there…otherwise, I make them! So…I made a few reader’s responses that I think you may find useful! Feel free to click on the links–they will take you to my TpT Store. (If you are not a member, simply create a username–it’s free!) Click Download and you are done! mine are completely free–yes, FREE! 🙂

Here are the Fiction Reader’s Responses!

Beginning, Middle, End!

Character, Problem, Resolution!
Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then!

Here are the Non-Fiction Reader’s Responses!




 So hop on over there and get to downloading! 🙂 I hope these help you and your wonderful kiddos!