Skills Based Literacy Project


Literacy projects are a fun and engaging way to see what your students have learned about a skill. However, sometimes they can be a drag when you have to do all of the prep for the project!

What I love about these projects is they are done completely in class (and in groups.) The prep is very minimal on your part. Basically, just gather unused pizza boxes (restaurants will donate these for free to teachers usually!) and print the project pages.


I have included color and black/white versions of all pages. There are also instruction slides included so you can put these on the projector for your students.

These projects can be used with any read-aloud or the pizza-themed ones I have suggested in the resource.

Skills Included:

  • Author’s Purpose
  • Inference
  • Sequence
  • Summary
  • Text Features
  • Cause and Effect
  • Character
  • Context Clues
  • Main Idea
  • Point of View

How to Use:

Choose a book to read aloud to the students. The book can be on any topic (fiction or non-fiction.) After you have read the book to the students, put the students into groups. Give each group a skill they will complete for the skills-based read-aloud project.

The students will be given a menu and a pizza for their box. The students will complete their skill (pizza box) based on the read-aloud.

The students will take turns sharing out to the class so that all students hear about each project.

This is a great review for all skills since the students will reteach the class about each skill using their menu and teach each student about the skill (referencing the read-aloud) using the pizza.

The students will finish by completing a reflection on what they learned.

The activity can be repeated with a different book and different skills going to different groups.

NOTE: This can be broken into two days if needed.

The preview includes a lot of different photos, so please check that out to see more!

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions ( and please remember to leave feedback!

Need help teaching these concepts BEFORE these projects? Check out my Skills Based Intervention. They align wonderfully with these projects!


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