Amazon Treasures for Teachers

Lately, I have been searching and finding great deals on Amazon. Now, we know Amazon is nothing new…but wow! I cannot believe some of the deals I have been finding lately. I wanted to do a blog post dedicated to just these little treasures that make teaching (and life) a little easier!

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First up, I few things to prep for standardized testing! I always buy my students new highlighters and fresh pencils (you can even set some of these back at the beginning of the year. ) The highlighters pictures below are my FAVORITE. They are usually a bit pricey but for a few weeks now–they have been on sale! And of course, I love Ticonderoga Pencils!

I also have a few students that really fidget a lot in class. I have always had something they can fidget with that is not a distraction–but lately these Poppers have been ALL THE RAGE! lol. They love them and I think is so cool to see all of the different colors and shapes they come in. The kids are always showing up with new ones. I bought some just to keep in class–I sanitize them often–but the kids love them! Also, these are a silicone material and not noisy AT ALL.

Another teacher supply I love and NEED often are dry erase markers and chart paper. Lately, I have been loving these Double Sided Dry Erase Markers. I also found a great deal on Chart Paper. While chart paper isn’t a new concept–I am always looking for bargains. I finally found one! lol.

Alright, let’s move on to classroom management and student incentives. One of my favorite things I have incorporated this year is Desk Pets. If you haven’t read my Desk Pet Blog Post–you should! It is a game-changer! We do these as student incentives. They are 3D Erasers we bought from Amazon. There is a whole variety! We have pets, food, and now…toilets! lol.

TOILETS you ask? Yes! lol. Check out the image below. They really are very cute. Also, the Lego Boxes (Houses) came from Dollar Tree. 4 for $1!

Another fun thing I have started doing this year (but has been around forever) is Mystery Student. I draw a student’s name at the beginning of the day. I watch their behavior all day. If they do well, they get announced at the end of the day and get a prize, the rest of the class gets a Dojo Point. The kids LOVE this. I have been giving Among Us prizes because they are cute and fun! You could give desk pets for these too! NOTE: Obviously if the student doesn’t earn it–do not announce their name. Just say, ” Well, that person didn’t earn it today–we will try again tomorrow.” No need to humiliate the child.

Soft Start is also something we love doing in my class. The kids come in each morning and instead of getting right to work–they have time to talk with their friends and play (yes, 4th graders play) with things. I have Play-Doh, Mad Matt’r, Word Games, Legos and these really awesome blocks! I wanted to share the blocks with you as a “must have.” My own children got two boxes for Christmas and so I brought one up to the school. The kids went bananas over them! They are called Bristle Blocks! I highly recommend!

One last fun item I have to offer is these Game Controller Erasers. I know, I know…it seems that I am a lot about erasers (that actually don’t erase worth a flip.) lol. However, I have added these to my Mystery Student bin. Lately, they have been more popular than the Among Us characters. I think the kids were getting bored with the same prizes, I can’t blame them. My son came home with one of these–and I was like…WHAT? (One of my best friends is his teacher–next door to me!) lol. I told her she was holding out on me :). Anyway, I ordered some too and the kids love them!

Now, I hope you have enjoyed my latest Amazon haul. lol. I will try to do more of these from time to time when I see good deals! Let me know if you ever find any cool deals! I love to shop myself too–so I love a good bargain! (message me on IG: @hillarykiser)

Have a great week!

xoxo, Hillary

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