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I posted a week or so ago about Desk Pets on my Instagram. It was a very popular post with a lot of questions! I love that! I decided to blog about it. With it being 9:50 PM on a school night–it will be a short post, lol. However, I think the links, information, and pictures will be a great reference for anyone wanting to start this student incentive.

Now, what are Desk Pets and how are they used? Desk Pets are an incentive for kids (my kids are 4th graders) but any grade would work. My friend uses them one way, I use them another way–it is really up to the teacher. My friend Alison uses hers as a writing incentive–because HELLO! 4th Grade Writing! She awards Desk Pets for things like a strong hook, great thesis, awesome conclusion, etc! I do this too, but I also struggle with some kids just putting in ANY effort–so I have made mine for strong effort. When I see work, or a kid that is putting forth a lot of effort, focused, working hard, etc…they can be awarded a Desk Pet. Again, no way is wrong–whatever works for you and your class.

Now on to…what are these things? Well, they are mini-erasers. I bought 3D Erasers from Amazon. The students can earn a pet, food, a blanket, and a rug. They can also decorate the house of the Desk Pet. When they earn the pet, they get the house too. The food and pets are erasers. The home in a Lego Party Favor Box from Dollar Tree (4 for a dollar!) THEY TREAT THESE LIKE THEIR CHILDREN! lol.

Above you will see some ways that the students have decorated their pet’s home. They even used tissue until they earned a blanket. NOTE: Desk Pets are not earned easily, neither is the food or accessories. I think that is what makes them special.

While one of our students is being quarantined…his friend is looking over his desk pets (yes, they can earn more than one.) πŸ™‚ The kids really cherish these and I believe it will be something they talk about for years to come.

On another note, we do have the occasional “you didn’t take care of your desk pet” incident. Basically, if they are tossing them, trying to trade them, or just mishandling them–the pet goes to the PET Hospitality ER. It really means that the child is grounded from his or her pet for a few days.

A student volunteered to make these PET Hospitality ER…I think it is precious. She did a great job!

Anyway, overall…that is the story! Oh, and they are not allowed to ask about getting the Desk Pets (you are welcome) because they will wear you out with that business! The Desk Pets are fun and a great incentive for hard work! Let me know if you have any questions!

Update: I have added a Welcome Desk Pets letter to help welcome and explain the reason for Desk Pets! Just click the link and you can grab it for free!

Here are the links to the items one more time:





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15 thoughts on “Desk Pets

  1. You stated they could earn a blanket. What is the blanket? Where do you get them?

    Love this idea!!

  2. What do you do when a pet goes missing? I brought them into my classroom a week ago and I’ve already had one go missing… 😒

  3. Do you do this as a self contained teacher? I am departmentalized in 5th as ELA and have 3 classes. Trying to see if I can make this work 3 times! LOL

  4. Hi! I am implementing this for the upcoming school year. I am interested in learning more about how they earn them and get points. Do you and files etc to help me with this?

  5. Do they keep the same pet all year? Does the food earned stay with the pet once earned or is it taken out to b earned by someone else?

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