Interest Inventory

At the beginning of each year…I do a Reading Interest Inventory with my students. Why? Well, an Interest Inventory accomplishes many things.

  1. I can tell how a student feels about that subject.
  2. I can tell likes and dislikes about that subject.
  3. I can tell if they are embarrassed about reading or solving problems in front of the class.
  4. I can tell (get a small glimpse) of how much of this subject is done at home.

I usually just do reading but I know I have a lot of math teachers that follow me as well and so I created a math one this year too.

I also know that we are not certain how the beginning of the year will look. I am working now on beginning of the year items because we have been told we *could* start back in July. We are not certain about ANYTHING yet. Nonetheless, I would rather prepare now than be frantic later. In the midst of getting a few things ready, I am making certain I have digital versions just in case we are distance learning for the first six-weeks. I really hope that is not the case, but we just don’t know.

I have made a printable and a digital version of both inventories. I pass these out (or I will assign them) during the first week of school. I give the students as much time as they need to fill them out. I read over them, study them, make notes, and keep them during the year. At the end of the year, I have them fill out another one. We compare the two to see if anything has changed.

These are created in PowerPoint. The printable version is saved as a PDF. The digital is saved as a PowerPoint. I always have people ask about Google Slides. The great thing about PowerPoint is you can open it IN Google Slides. Everyone doesn’t use Google Slides, so that is why I make them in PowerPoint. But yes, you can use in Google Classroom! Just attach the file and have the students open in Google Slides!

Here is a brief tutorial on how to use the digital version. The movable parts are fun!

The printable versions are straight forward. I do print them on white card stock. I just find they hold up better all year. I put them in one of my lovely Rae Dunn File Folders. lol. They stay put all year!

I hope you find these useful! They have worked great for me each year and I have no doubt that the digital version will work just as great!

Printable Reading

Printable Math

Digital Reading

Digital Math

As you begin your summer break, remember to take time for yourself and don’t work too hard!



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  1. How interesting it might be to have the students do this inventory at the beginning of the school year and then again at the end of the school year. Each student could comment on their changes or things that stayed the same.

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