Prepping with Prepositions (ha!)

Do you like that play on words in the title? Whew, I think I have been quarantined a bit too long. Anyway, prepositions have always been hard for my students to REMEMBER. Sure, teaching them doesn’t seem that difficult. I never could get them to remember what prepositions were though. Until…one day.

I had each student make a paper airplane. Note: I CANNOT make a paper airplane. Lord, help me. Not even close. So, I told the students this. I told them that I never could figure out how to make one…then I called up someone that knew how and they made one for me. I told the students this was fine–the point of the lesson isn’t the fabulous-ness of the airplane (although, they will try to make that the point!) After, I did this though, the students weren’t nervous about making a paper airplane or asking for help from a friend.

Then, I had them take out a piece of paper and number to 10. Next, they flew their airplane 10 times. Each time it landed, they had to write THAT spot as a prepositional phrase; examples might include: on the desk, under the chair, against the board, etc. They absolutely loved this activity. It was one they talked about all year! Well, until quarantine.

I also had them watch a preposition video.

This video links prepositions to bridges. It was a great visual for them. I actually think we did this first, then the airplane to work on prepositional phrases. Nonetheless, it was a great video!

Finally, I had them do this activity but it was more of a paper/pencil form. I have created a digital version for you since most of us are doing Distance Learning for the remainder of the year.

I have linked both the paper/pencil version and the digital version for you (both free.) I am also going to include a video demonstration for the digital version below.

All of the resources I have linked are free! The digital resource just needs to be open in Google Slides! I hope you find these useful. I know it is just one small part of the many things us ELAR teachers teach…but hopefully this will help your students master this concept!


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