USNS Comfort Ship

My partner teacher is a huge history guru! She teaches math and said I should look into doing something with our students on the USNS Comfort Ship (for ELA/SS.) I was intrigued right away. I began researching this ship and was hooked. I knew my kids would love learning about it’s amazing history and how it will help us in the coming months.

I have included a 3rd grade and 4th grade passage similar to the way my COVID-19 Free Resource is done. These are leveled at the bottom of the passage.

I also knew that if I was going to get it to my students in a timely manner, I needed to make a distant learning (digital) version too for Google Classrooms.

I wanted to provide this resource to you for free as well during this time! The USNS Comfort Ship Resource can be printed and used at home but also has instructions, a link, AND a video (be sure to watch the video below) to help you use it in Google Classrooms. The link in the resource can also just be e-mailed, shared, etc. It is very user friendly! You do not have to be tech savvy to use it! Trust me! 🙂

There is a video attached to the resource to give a tutorial for adding it as an assignment in Google Classrooms–but it doesn’t work through google drive if you don’t have certain software. SO, I am embedding it below!

I hope you enjoy the resource and your students learn something new!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

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