Are Your Students Quarantined?

With all of the COVID19 issues, many schools are closing for 2-3 weeks to let some of this pass. I know every situation is different but I wanted to reach out and give you access to resources for your students! Below you will find a link that will take you to a (FREE) Google Drive File of over 100 pages of resources. These are reading and writing activities integrated with some science as well! Grades 3rd-5th can easily benefit from these resources. You are able to e-mail this to your team, parents, district, principal or just use it for your own kids at home. Share, share, share!

We want all kids and adults to stay well. We also want learning to continue to take place during this time. I cannot help with the lack of many resources such as food, toilet paper, or anything else that may be flying off the shelves right now. I can help with teaching resources though!

COVID19 Teaching Resources for Home

There are 15 days of resources included. Some days have longer activities than others. We all know that students won’t be working the entire day at home! 🙂 My hope is that just by sending this home to parents, they will work on some of it during the time off!

If you have any questions, please reach out!

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Everyone Stay Well!


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