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I have spend two years developing anchor charts for classrooms. These anchor charts are so helpful to teachers. One of the biggest problems with making anchor charts is having to draw and write everything by hand. With the anchor charts I have been creating, you just simply print and glue to chart paper. They have been super popular and the feedback has been great! I had only created literacy and classroom management ones though. Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Classroom Management. What is missing? Math! I had so many requests to create Math Anchor Charts. So I did!

Are you so excited? I know I am! I have enjoyed making these so much. I am a firm believer that anchor charts are a huge help to students. It gives the students a visual to look at during class, lessons, and tests. Then when (if) you have to take them down for standardized testing–the students can still visualize them on the walls while they are taking their tests.

I think the colors of these helps make that visual even more appealing to students (and me as the teacher!) They are also fun to make because let’s face it, I could never draw all of those base ten blocks. Cutting and gluing though, I can do that!

I do often get the question, “where did you get that chart paper?” I actually grab it on Amazon (often.) I love it! When I run out, I order more because I want everything to match.

The quality is great too. You won’t regret buying this! However, regular chart paper will work with my anchor charts too! I know some school’s provide chart paper (that is awesome!) So feel free to use any chart paper you would like!

I also use the glue dots to glue the pieces down. Any glue will work, these are just quick and easy!

Anyway, it was high time I did a post about these math anchor charts! They deserved their own post. I really love making these and love the way they look in the classroom! Thanks so much for the great feedback I have received so far! I love reading your thoughts on these.

Below are a few more examples to show you what they look like!

If you need these in your classroom, head on over and grab them!

Math Anchor Charts

Also available on TeachersPayTeachers!

Also, if you would like to try one for free before purchasing…click the link below! I have provided the Place Value Anchor Chart for free! Just download it and print on colored paper!

Place Value Anchor Chart

I hope you enjoy these!

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