Earth Day Happenings

Earth Day is quickly approaching. It is one of my FAVORITE days to teach about during the year. I do think it is important to talk about respecting the earth all year long, but Earth Day (or week) is just the best for all of the fun Earth Day activities! You would be surprised at how many children have not ever recognized Earth Day as a holiday.

Each year, I read a few of my favorite books about Earth Day to my students. I spread them out over the entire week. I have included a few of my favorites below! Click the images to grab them! I am a sucker for great illustrations and these are the best! I also love the message in each of these books! I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t love them.

Another thing I love to show off is what my own children at home use to eat on for each meal. I know, sounds weird right? When my son was about 3, I found out about a company called Replay (not an advertisement.) Their utensils, plates, and cups are made from recycled milk jugs. I personally just LOVE them, but one of my students said, “I really don’t see how saving something like a milk jug can help.” Ding! Idea! I brought them to class the next day!
We talked about how big machines do a lot of the work. How things like milk jugs can be made into something like this. It truly BLEW THEIR MINDS. 
PS. Don’t be bashful, if you need these in your life too…click the image. We own the utensils, cups, and plates. They are 5 years old at our house and still going strong!
Anyway, then we move on to some hands-on creativity and activities. One activity we do is a paper bag book! 
The kids love making this! We talk about how using items (like old scraps of paper, etc.) can be a form of recycling too. Turning one thing into something else. Having multiple uses for something. Comprehension questions are included, so I always take that as a grade! 
We also do this circle book! It is just a creative take on making a book. 
Another interesting activity we do…and some teachers frown on it…is, are you ready?? Play-Doh! Gasp. Yes, my 3rd AND 5th graders have played with Play-Doh. My principal LOVED it. So how did I incorporate this?
Well, I gave out some blue and green Play-Doh to each student (more blue than green.) Then I told them to make a Play-Doh Earth!
Then, we took some notebook paper and wrote out a procedural text for how we made the Earth and three facts they had learned this week about Earth Day!
I dare to say it was their favorite activity from the entire week (and the least prep on my part!) lol. No fancy template, just Play-Doh, and notebook paper…oh, and a lot of engagement!
That’s a wrap though! I do allow each child to bring in recyclable items (clean!) lol and we chat about those! 
A lot of great conversations, some great reading, some hands-on learning, and real-life connections! You really have the whole week planned! 
Make It Great!
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