Planning System: Week at a Glance!

Do I know the perfect way to execute a week in the classroom? Eh. I would say no. Yep, definitely no. However, I have a system that has never failed me. That does not mean each day is wonderful, flawless and top-notch. However, this system keeps students engaged, paces the students through the curriculum and allows students to reach the independent level of learning.

So let’s begin!

Monday: Bring all the coffee…it is Monday. Monday will be the day you introduce a new concept. I love using these days for Anchor Chart creation and student journaling (while I teach whole group.)

We make the chart together (while discussing) and the students glue their student anchor chart in their journal. We talk about the concept and I answer any questions they may have about the skill.
Keep in mind, this is about my lesson cycle. Literacy Centers, Guided Reading, Writing Circle, Class Meetings, Wake Up Your Brain, and all of those wonderful things are at other times during the day.
With that being said, during my lesson cycle, that is all I do on Monday. (15-20 minutes at the most.)
Tuesday: Tuesday is the day I take the lesson to Guided Practice and/or partner work. (I am using Vocabulary as my lesson sample for this blog post.) 
Students work together or if they are working independently, I am walking around helping during their guided practice time. I really value group collaboration time though and try to have that happen whenever I can! 
Wednesdays: NO WORKSHEET WEDNESDAY! I mean we have more days without worksheets but Wednesday is taking the skill to game form, moving form, get out of your seat form! 🙂
To be honest, I used to dread this day. I finally realized through trial and so much error that putting expectations in place from DAY ONE for Wednesdays helps so much! I also never take away this day as a punishment. The students do not “lose Wednesday.” I need Wednesday for their learning just as much as they love it. Expectations are very important though! 
Thursday: Bring on the independent work! It is time to see what they can do! I always make this fun for the students. While I usually do have a worksheet for them *gasp,* I still encourage the students to show me what they know and make it a big deal! 
Why do I do worksheets? Students do benefit from pencil-paper work. All the time? No. That is why I love my system. Thursday (toward the end of the week of working on that skill) I am able to assess the students (not test) and see what they know and where they still need work. We are always looking for grades too, so Thursday is my grade each week! I will grade some other items too throughout the week.
Friday: Re-teach and Enrich! Friday is my day to help those students that had trouble on Thursday’s assignment. The students who mastered the skill are doing enrichment activities
Re-teach example:
Enrichment Example: 

BRING ON THE WEEKEND! Then, you start the lesson cycle all over again! How do you do your lesson cycle? I would love to collaborate about this! Have a great rest of the week!
Hillary Kiser
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