A Kwik Valentine Craft

It is February! I am excited to get started with all of the Valentine things! One thing I love doing with my daughter is painting. We paint often, but it can get really messy. I thought of an adorable craft I wanted to do with her but I knew how messy it could get. I decided to use my favorite mess-free paint, Kwik Stix.

If you have not ever used these before, you are really missing out. They come in so many beautiful colors and are so easy to use! 
Now, I know this is my teacher blog, and you are wondering why I am writing about a craft with my daughter. I was thinking about this last night and trying to choose the best place to blog about it. I really think this would be a great craft for students to do and take home for the refrigerator. You can be the judge of that, but I also know many teacher-mommies read this blog too. 
First, I took jumbo popsicle sticks and glue dots to assemble the frame. The teacher in me loves this because Jumbo Sticks are CHEAP (one box is more than enough for an entire class) and glue dots are AMAZING (buy them all!) lol. 
The kids can assemble these themselves. I did my daughter’s because she is 3, but seriously…your students would love the assembly part. 
Next, have the students choose Kwik Stix colors to paint their frame. No paint palettes, aprons, brushes, or water needed. 
They can do Valentine colors or any other color they want. It is their time to be creative!
The Kwik Stix paint goes on so smooth and we love the metallic colors!
After they are done painting, let it dry for just a few minutes! 
After the paint was dry (only a few minutes later), I drew a heart on a square of paper and used glue dots to place on it on the frame. 
My daughter insisted on a heart but teachers could do a poem, a picture of the child, or anything!
After that, we used some foam stickers (bought from Target) to decorate the frame!
And believe it or not, that is it! There was zero mess from the paint and the whole thing (even with a 3-year-old) took about 30 minutes. 
I hope you will try this with your kids at home or your kids at school! I know they will love it! 
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