Wake Up Your Brain! (Without Worksheets)

How do you wake up your student’s brains first thing in the morning? I have always found the morning routine a bit challenging. The students are sleepy, want to be at home, and we are expected to engage them right after the morning announcements. Now, don’t misunderstand, the students should be engaged from the start of our day…but how?

As a teacher, I am juggling parent notes, field trip money that was mysteriously placed on my desk, the spilled milk from the late student that needed to eat breakfast in the classroom, the student who had a rough morning and needs that extra hug, and oh yeah…preparing for the day.

I began incorporating a morning routine that benefited me as well as my students (yes, it is okay to think about yourself!)

Wake Up Your Brain is a friend of the teacher as well as the students! How does it work? Well, it is so simple to implement…in fact, you can start tomorrow!

After downloading the Wake Up Your Brain document, display it on your smartboard, projector, or whatever you have available (they are all called something different!) lol.

You will see a clickable PDF…find a picture (or you can go in order) and click! The PDF will jump to that picture and the activity that will help “wake up” your student’s brains!

Want to know a little secret? We don’t even use paper. Nope. The students think, then write directly on their desks with dry erase markers. After they are done writing, they share with another person (next to or across from them.) 

Finally, we spend about 3 minutes sharing out in class (I promise this is their favorite part!) It is also my favorite part. The sharing builds such amazing classroom community. The students are really animated about their inferences, their plans, their questions, and how to solve the problems. In fact, now I have to limit our share time to just 3-5 minutes. I used to try to make it to everyone, but it just wasn’t possible. I learn so much about their brains during this time though! 
The students really surprise me also. Some mornings I think, “hmmm…I am not sure what I would write on this one.” The students are NEVER at a loss though. They use their imagination and problem-solving skills. Amazing! 
The students are sure to get a good laugh out of a some of the pictures too!
Side note, if you know me at all, I am terrified of Kermit…buuuut, it is all for the kids, right? 
Here are what a few other teachers have said about Wake Up Your Brain! 

Such a simple concept, but SO engaging! We love these…please keep them coming! (Sarah D.)

-These are great. It won’t even seem to the kids like they’re learning. It’s more like a game! Awesome! (Ashley L.)

Love that this is paperless and gets the kids thinking and working together! (Linda P.)

This is simple to use and the kids really enjoy it as a warm activity to the day! (Carmichael F.)

There will be a Wake Up Your Brain available for every month! To grab these, simply click the link below! There is also a free month included!