Thankful for Santa’s Helpers! 

Last year, I saw an awesome idea from Cara Carroll! She made a sign (via hand lettering) for her delivery people. With the sign, she paired snacks! Let’s face it…USPS, UPS and Fed Ex are so busy this time of year. I know sometimes they stop twice a day at my house! That might be a bit embarrassing…lol.

The only flaw I saw with Cara’s awesomeness is….I don’t hand letter. Nope. I’m terrible at it. Lol. She is AMAZING! I just am not. So, last year, I threw something together on poster board. The delivery people loved it…but it didn’t hold up outdoors. Sad day. So this year, I decided to create my own on the computer (using A Perfect Blend fonts) and send it to Walgreens! I had a wood panel photo made of it! I can now keep this one for the years to come!

Bottom line to my rambling? The people that work so hard to deliver all of our packages on time deserve something special! Whether on poster board or wood paneling…Santa’s helpers will appreciate it!

If you want this for your house, just download this google drive link, add in a text box with your family’s name, then order on a 20×30 wood panel at Walgreens! It will take 2-3 days to make and ship to your house (or that is how long it took for mine!) Also, always check online for photo coupons. I googled “Walgreens Photo Coupon” and found a 30% off one. There are always coupons floating around out there!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy prepping for the Christmas season!