B2S Teacher Gift (Procrastinators Unite!)

It is that time! B2S season is in full swing and my 1st grader starts back on Monday! Tonight is Meet the Teacher and we are beyond excited about his teacher this year!

One of my first beliefs as a parent/teacher is….treat your child’s teachers like gold. We all know, teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the entire world…and are terribly underpaid (another rant for another day.)

Many times though, we run short on time (procrastinators unite!) and we need a last minute gift idea! In full disclosure, I had this gift planned for a while…but it is perfect for a last minute idea too!

The Target Dollar Spot is my JAM. They always have wonderful things there that are inexpensive ($1-$5) and perfect for teachers! I snagged this adorable jar there about a month ago.

Now, can we do a minute on regrets?? They had a pencil one with a pink glitter lid (for the eraser) and an apple one that was red glitter with a green lid. Why, oh why, did I not get those too?? Anyway, I did grab this one and filled it with candy! (Any jar will work though!)
Then I grabbed this adorable Amazon Gift Tag online and printed it (4×6), it will give you the option to make it a whole page but you don’t need that.
I snagged an Amazon Gift Card at Walgreens but you can click the links below to do it all electronically if you want! After that, I just untied the string that was already on the jar, hole punched my tag, then placed the tag on the string and tied it back! Done!
Simple gift that I know Rex’s teacher will love! 
To print an Amazon Gift Card from home, click HERE.
To send an Amazon E-Gift Card (to the teacher’s e-mail address), click HERE.
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