Dice Hacks for Teachers

Dice games in the classroom can be so much fun! Many people think using dice is just for math games and centers but as a reading teacher, I use them all the time!

For Example, this Guided Reading Vocabulary Activity! We use it daily in our Guided Reading Groups! 
So, dice are not just for math! We know though, whether a math or a reading teacher, dice can be annoying. They end up flying all around the classroom (even when the best classroom management practices are in place) and they can also be noisy. 
I follow Chalk It Up Two Teachers on Instagram and saw her post this awesome idea!
These are Cosmetic Containers and on Amazon they are 50 for 10 dollars. Now, you would probably not need 50 but I bet you have some fellow teacher friends that would chip in on the price so they could have a few! You can use vinyl letters or if you aren’t handy with the Cricut (that’s me) then scrapbook sticker letters work GREAT! Place the dice in the container and have the students shake it to roll! 
Controlled dice - no more flying around the room. Genius!!!
Same concept here but these are small snack containers and you can flip them over to see through them! 
Make these magnetic dice shakers with paper clip holders from the dollar store. Be sure to read this blog post first about using adhesive to strengthen the magnets on the back of the tins.
Next, the Undercover Classroom give a great tutorial on how to make these magnetic dice shakers! Easy for storing too! 
Finally, these are probably my favorite of all! Foam Dice! Yep, they still roll around (unless you put them in one of the containers mentioned above) but no noise! None!
Nasco TB18746T Dot Dice Set, 5/8" Square, Foam, 36-Piece, Yellow with Black, Grades K+
I bought these on Amazon for $12 (36 dice!) I have now used them for 8 years and they are still going strong. 
Now, I know you have seen many (maybe all) of these hacks, but I have a number of student teachers, first year teachers, and aspiring teachers who follow my blog! I want to share valuable (wish someone had told me that) information with them! 
I hope you found some fun ideas that will help with those dice games and activities! 
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4 thoughts on “Dice Hacks for Teachers

  1. I use dice for reading comprehension. I like when my students roll a die and have to answer a question about reading based on the number they rolled. If they roll a one, they may have to name the characters in the story, name the setting, etc. I also use dice for my spelling words. Roll a one and write your spelling words three times each. Roll a two and write your words using green for consonants and orange for vowels. I change the colors for variety. I'm always trying to find different but fun and engaging ways to use dice. Especially, with my SpEd students.

  2. As a new teacher this year, I can't wait to use dice for so many different activities! During my internship I not only used them for so many different math centers and activities for number sense such as make 10, one more, one less, and addition but also for sight words, Phonics and writing practice. I love your idea so much! It always drives me crazy when dice go flying and bouncing off the table and then the students go scrambling after them!

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