Snow, Snow!

Do you get much snow where you live? Well, we live in Texas and snow is rare around here. I have a Kindergarten son and he so badly wants to see snow. He saw it a few years ago, but when he heard the weather man say it might snow on Friday (this past Friday) he was so excited. Well. It did not snow. Not a flake.

Luckily I had seen on @mrsplemonskindergarten instagram that she had bought some fake snow on Amazon! I found it, clicked purchase, and it was here two days later (well before Friday, which I knew would be a bust with no snow!) lol.
Needless to say, after we did this (on Saturday), I just had to blog about out so you could go get some and do it with your students! Any age!! So before I chatter on, if you are in a hurry and can’t finish reading this blog…that is totally fine! You can find the fake snow I bought here. If you can hang out, I have a freebie you can do with the younger grades after they are finished playing with the snow!
The snow is easy to prepare. Just pour it into a bucket (it looks like salt.)
Then add two quarts of water!

After you do that, just mix it up with your hands or a spoon!
Yep, it looks and feels like snow! It is cold and wet, it does not melt, and if it does get on the carpet or whatever, it dries out quickly with no mess (trust me!) lol. It is the strangest, yet coolest stuff EVER! It is not cold enough to need gloves, but it is cold. 
I had some finger puppets from Christmas laying around that we put in the snow and my kids played with those! They had the best time! After we were done, I just stored it in a cabinet (it lasts for days and days!) When you get ready to dispose of it, sprinkle it in your yard and it will add water to your grass (or plants!) 
I know this is not real snow, nor can kids go and play in it or build a snowman, but when you live in Texas and never see snow…you are happy with anything that resembles snow! My son and daughter LOVED this! I just knew it would be a great sensory bin for younger grades!
Now, for the freebie I promised! This is obviously for K or 1st kids but my son is in Kinder and is working on writing. So I made this mainly for him and wanted to share it with my blog readers! If you don’t teach K or 1st, maybe you can share it with your team at school or something! 🙂
My son isn’t a fan of writing…anything, but he loved this. I know it was because the activity before it was so fun! When kids have fun with something, they don’t mind writing about it!

The kids simply use words to describe the snow (sensory words.) Then the kids write two sentences about the snow. My son is working on expanding his sentences. He is very much a “I like the snow” writer. When I (and his teacher) want him to be an “I like the snow because it was cold and wet” writer. 🙂 However, we are getting there and he is doing wonderful! 
We ran out of time and had to go somewhere before he could color, so I colored these later. He was unhappy that I did not let him color them. (oops.) 

You can find the freebie in a google drive link here! 
Thanks so much for taking the time to read and share this with a friend if you think they will enjoy it too! Here is the links for both things one more time! Have a great week!

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