The Twisted Elf?

Do you do Elf on the Shelf in your classroom or at home? We do both!

Most of these pictures are from home but I knew that some teachers would benefit from these Elf on the Shelf ideas in their classroom! In the years past, I have literally moved the Elf from one place to another each night. This year, I decided to be a bit creative and what do you know…my son is actually having fun with the Elf! All that to say, your students in your classroom will notice the creativity too. They also notice when the Elf was too lazy to move. lol!

The hardest part of doing Elf on the Shelf coming up with ideas and of course I get many from Pinterest! Here are a few that I have done this year!

First, I just had the Elves bring the book, a note and some fake snow! 🙂 The kids in your classroom will love this too! I always bring mine out after recess (they come in the room and the Elf has arrived!)
Next, we, of course, did the junk food picture!
A cotton ball bath in the crock pot! Now, one year I did this in the sink in my classroom! So easy and cheap! 
Note: That towel around Snowflake’s hair was THE DEVIL. Never again. Okay, maybe again. It is adorable. 
Playing Candy Land! I mean, elves LOVE candy!
This was one of my son’s favorites! Snowball Fight!
A sack race with some friends!
Delivering Rex’s letter to Santa…since Mom kept forgetting! lol. I have also done this with a classroom letter!
Building a snowman out of toilet paper! 🙂

Santa asked the elves to wrap Rex’s legos…this is not what he meant. 🙂
Total Pinterest FAIL! lol. It was supposed to be snow angels out of sprinkles. My son said, “I think they are trying to do their body shapes but it didn’t work.” *whomp whomp*
Santa wanted to say hi!
Green food coloring made for a disgusted 5-year-old in the morning! Rex wouldn’t touch this milk! 🙂 My *almost* 2-year-old daughter LOVED it though! 
Elf Cookies! Yum!
My son loves his paper chain we made together, so I had to have the elves make one too!
On tonight’s elf shenanigans?? Elf Twister! We are far from being done with all of the fun things the elves will do but so far, so good! I hope these ideas have helped you a bit! Click on the link above to grab the Elf Twister board! Just print and arrange your elves! EASY! 
Also, check out this Elf of the Shelf Freebie for the classroom! Over 12,000 teachers are using this in their classroom this year!
Lastly, you can also snag this Reindeer Food Passage and Activity for the classroom! I used it with my children at home (just the recipe) and they loved it! I also used it with my 3rd and 5th graders and they thought the passage and everything included was so much fun! 
If you want to see how the rest of the month will play out for Buddy and Snowflake (our elves), feel free to follow my on Instagram (@hillarykiser).
I hope you are having a great December and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Break! 
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