Exit Tickets To Assess

I have recently fallen in love with Exit Tickets. Why? I love quick (meaningful) assessments. I am not a “testing” teacher…meaning that I am not a fan of the standardized tests or any other test that stresses out a child…and/or me (the teacher.)

Exit Tickets provide a great deal of information for the teacher while assessing the child on a specific skill.

This week we are focusing on reviewing every skill before our “big, important” test next week. I wanted to “assess” the kids in a way that is fun but meaningful! I have been creating Exit Tickets for a few months now, and we have used them off and on. The kids really love them and I knew that a little more exposure to this type of quick informative assessment would be helpful! The kids do not even know they are being “assessed.” I love that!

We started on Monday with Text Structure…these are so hard for the kids. I have this anchor chart in my room though, so they were able to use it to guide their thinking.

Text Structure proved to be a challenge for some of my kids. The ones below did great…but a few did not!

I had to give a few of these back to some students so they could try again. But, that is okay, it was a great teaching moment!

I took each of them through the paragraph again and we discussed key words.

Then we wrapped up with another one! They did much better on this one!

I also strongly encourage the kids to use their interactive journals IF they are having trouble. If they can do it without the support, then great…but I want them to use their resources if need be!

We finished off the week with point of view, main idea, and inferencing. Time got away from me and I did not snap picture of those. 

I hope this glimpse into Exit Tickets has helped! My kids love them and they are an excellent tool for the teacher as well!

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