Teacher Appreciation! You Are Loved!

Dear Teacher,

You are loved. Each and every year, Teacher Appreciation Week comes around and teachers all over the country are shown that they are loved. But do you feel that way daily? Maybe not. We deal with loud children, *sometimes* upset parents, and the stress of…test scores, children’s home lives, and our own mound of paperwork.

But…when the day is done, we know that we have made difference. Well, I may not feel this way every day, but most days…yes.
We are hired to do a job: TEACH CHILDREN. Right? I mean, in so many words, that is what my contract states. But we do so much more than that!
Take this sweet woman for example:
Who is she? My child’s teacher. She teaches him sight words, colors, numbers, and all of the things he is suppose to learn for Pre-K according to the state of Texas. But to us (and him) she is so much more than just someone who teaches him those things. She is the lady that counted her 18 children a million times on the field trip because she wanted to make sure she hadn’t lost one. (Thank You) She is the one that helps him work through arguments with his friends in a kind way so that he doesn’t learn poor problem solving (and social) skills. (Thank You), and she is the one that comforts him when pressing pause on the movie scares him (who knows why that scares him–but Thank You!) She is the person that cares for my child…9 hours a day…and sees him more than I do during the week. She is the person he talks about all night.
She. Makes. A. Difference.
Now, we are all different, and have different teaching styles…but I would venture to say that we all feel pretty much the same about teaching. IT. MATTERS.
So to all teachers—Thank You! You are amazing.
And to show you just how amazing I think you are, I have provided two goodies for you this week! They are nothing big but might make your life a little easier.
Number One: An Editable End of the Year Poem for your students! You can personalize it so that it is special for them! It is free, so go grab it if you would like!

Number Two: An Editable Behavior Chart. Some days those babies just aren’t so sweet, you might need this when school starts! 🙂

I hope you enjoy these freebies and even more importantly, I hope you enjoy your fabulous week! I am sure you will be shown lots of love…but even if you have a bad day…you are loved.
So when Monday morning comes…REMEMBER THIS!