DIY Time!

Well, since I am moving to 5th grade next year, I feel like my classroom needs a new look! I am going with black, gray, white and turquoise! I really cannot wait to dive in and make my new room a fun place to learn! Buuuut….since the floors are still being cleaned and I cannot get in my room to do anything yet (boxes, boxes and more boxes…ugh) I decided to do a little DIY project! Actually it was my lovely mom’s idea…she is so crafty! But here is the finished product! It was super easy to make, so I will give the details below!

Now…I plan on hanging this behind my desk for a little extra fun look and some extra organization!
Making this board was VERY simple. Just go to any office supply store and buy a rectangle bulletin board! We then covered it in black butcher paper (stapled the paper on)…after that we put on the border. We found our border at Mardel’s. We also have a white border underneath the black and white polka dot! Then you are ready to decorate your board!
The “puff ball” was just made out of tissue paper! Here is a great tutorial on how to do that! So simple!
I found all of my chalkboard labels at Kristen Wallden’s TPT shop. I highly recommend this purchase! I use them for everything! Just type in them (white font color) and print! So clean and attractive!
My fonts are over at Jewel Pastor’s TPT shop, she is AMAZING! Then when I was ready, I just rubber cemented all of the tags on the folders and/or board itself!

The file folders can be found at any office supply store too! They just have pockets in them and are hung with bulletin board tacks! I just think it makes the board look very clean and organized!

Lastly I bought a big “K” for Kiser at Hobby Lobby! Don’t forget your 40% off coupon! We hot glued the K on so it would stay put! 🙂 And that is it!! I cannot wait to hang it up in my classroom!

Feel free to ask any questions if I left anything out!


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