Ladybug Ladybug Fly Away Home!

Well today was a fun day in Mrs. Kiser’s Class! We learned all about the Life Cycle of a Ladybug! The kids were excited anyway to learn about ladybugs but when you add some fun activities to the mix…they were ecstatic!
A few months ago I knew this unit would be coming up sometime soon! So I decided to create a fun unit to do with my students on The Life Cycle of a Ladybug!

My team also wanted a copy so of course I shared and we are all doing this unit this week! We started by gluing the poster in our Science Journals.
There is a color copy and a black and white copy in the unit but I gave my kids the black and white copy and let them color it. 
The kids loved doing that and then of course we talked about it!
Here is a picture of the anchor chart/poster. This young lady did a wonderful job!!
Then we moved on to the reading passage and first activity.


The students read the reading passage then together we talked about the different stages. We then highlighted the important sections for each stage of the life cycle.
Then after we highlighted, the students filled out their activity page!

The students also trimmed both the passage and the activity page and put those in their journals.
I went around a graded them as they were finished so I could see how they were doing. All the students did really well and seemed to love it!
Next comes the lab activity. Unfortunately we were not able to have real ladybug eggs to watch from the beginning but there is a wonderful video that is just a few minutes long that helped us!
We worked on this lab activity during the short video.

I didn’t snag pictures of that because I was helping the students but it was really a great activity! I will try to update later with some student samples. They loved drawing the changes in the life cycle!
Finally, we finished up with a Ladybug Life Cycle Book! I included two copies in the product. One has the pictures already drawn and the students just write in the book. The other one lets the write and draw the pictures. We did the drawing one. Again, I forgot to snap pictures of these! I will come back and update with student examples! 🙂

These are adorable when finally put together! Like I said, I will update with student examples when I can. I had a few absent today so maybe I can even take some shots of them working on the book and lab activity! Nonetheless, the students LOVED this activity!
If you get to learn about life cycles, this is a great unit to have! Bright colors, fun activities and the students are really engaged!
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Happy Teaching! 🙂

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