The First Five Minutes


I am very excited to introduce THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES. This classroom management tool will help transition your students into class after recess, lunch, specials or first thing in the morning.


The idea behind it came from my husband who has been teaching for 21 years. He is pretty much a genius at classroom management!

The students will come in and have a card on their table. Before they get supplies out or anything, they will read the card and answer the question. This will calm them down when they come in. After they finish the card, they can gather their materials and prepare for class.

Option One: Card on the table and students respond in a composition notebook (seen in the pictures.)

Option Two: The teacher will project the slide on the whiteboard and the students will write on their desk with dry-erase markers.

There are 180 different questions. In order to print cards, just adjust the printer settings to four slides per page. It prints perfectly.

To print the cover for the composition notebook, just adjust the printer settings to one slide per page (portrait.)

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