Six Traits of Writing Bundle


30 WEEKS of Detailed Lesson Plans and Student Engaging Activities and Anchor Charts


Pattern of Lessons:

Monday: Anchor Chart/Direct Teach

Tuesday: Guided Practice

Wednesday: Group Work

Thursday: Independent Activity or Writing Practice

Friday: Convention Practice

This product includes ALL OF THE TRAITS.


  • Six Traits of Writing: Ideas
  • Six Traits of Writing: Organization
  • Six Traits of Writing: Word Choice
  • Six Traits of Writing: Sentence Fluency
  • Six Traits of Writing: Voice
  • Conventions-Built into Each Friday of Every Trait

Each Trait Includes:

  • CCSS and TEKS Alignment for 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades
  • Complete Lesson Plan for Monday-Friday (6 Weeks Worth)
  • Complete Instructions for the Teacher for Monday-Friday (6 Weeks Worth)
  • Activities/Graphic Organizers/Anchor Charts for Each Day
  • Friday Convention Practice

These are COMPLETE LESSONS, and will span 30 weeks of your year. I would suggest starting after 6 weeks of school!

I hope you enjoy these! I know they will make your life easier and your students fantastic writers!


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