Hands-On Reading Bundle


Have you ever envied the math teachers that get to do all of the fun hands-on lessons? I know I have! Being departmentalized, I always miss the hands-on experiences from Math and Science.


I am bringing Hand-On Reading (The Bundle) to you!

Skills Included:

Main Idea


Author’s Purpose


Cause and Effect

Character Traits

Text Features



Point of View

Included in Each Skill:

-THREE levels of task card passages. (2nd, 3rd, and 4th)

-Instructions for the students.

-Instructions and Pictures for the teacher.

-Rubric included on the task card for easy assessment of mastery.

What is Hands-On Reading?

Reading lessons that will allow students to read a passage, construct a graphic organizer with their hands and some simple supplies, then complete their graphic organizer.

All supplies are reusable so you are not wasting the supplies. The kids will be highly engaged and will love working with their hands. Building the graphic organizers also makes the graphic organizer more meaningful to the students.


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