Emergency Sub Plans (Literacy Grades 3-5)


Emergency Sub Plans! (Literacy Grades 3-5)

Have you ever been in a pickle and had to call in sick at the last minute? I have known teachers that will have to go to the school sick just to write sub plans and go back home! Do not do this to yourself! These are DONE! 10 days of Literacy Sub Plans, ready to print, stack, and leave! (Check out the preview to see more!)


Here is how they work!

Each day of sub plans includes the following items…and there are 10 days of these sub plans!

—Morning Work- A 20-30 minute activity to get the kids working, brain warming up, and allowing the sub a moment to breathe and figure things out.

—A Fiction or Non-Fiction Passage- A reading passage that is good for grades 3rd-5th.

3rd Graders might need guidance on it, depending on the time of year and their individual level, 4th graders will be able to read it independently but might need assistance on a few words, and 5th graders will be completely independent but still learning from these passages.

Questions and Answer Keys are included with the passages!

—A Reading Response- this response goes with the reading passage and the students will fill in the items on the response about the passage they are reading or have read.

Grade Suggestions for Passages and Responses:
3rd Grade: Teacher (Sub) read the passage aloud first to the students, then students can fill in response.
4th Grade: Students read the passage in partners and fill in the response either independently or with their partner.
5th Grade: Students read the passage independently, and fill in the response independently.

—Word Work Page: 8 challenging vocabulary words with a spot for the definition from the dictionary and a place for the students to use the words in a sentence.

—Writing Prompt-A writing prompt with a teacher letter attached explaining what he or she wants the students to do with this writing prompt. It includes questions, thoughts, and guides the students through the writing.

—Fast Finisher Task Card- This task card has 6 activities for the students to do when they are finished. The students just roll a die and the number picks the activity they will complete. (I always make sure I have a student that knows where my dice are in case I do get sick and they need to help the sub find these.)


A lesson plan- this lesson plan is generic enough to fit any day but specific enough to help the sub know exactly what to do with these activities; just place it on top of the student activities and you are ready. The only thing missing is the “times” because I know everyone’s schedule is different. Just have a schedule for him or her nearby, and then these lesson plan will tell the sub exactly what he or she needs to do, approximate time to spend on the activity, and what activity to move onto next.

DISCLAIMER: Since these are just LITERACY plans, I have made the lesson plans for departmentalized teachers. Meaning, these lessons will be done with a morning group and an afternoon group. IF YOU ARE NOT DEPARTMENTALIZED…these are still for you! You would have to add math activities of your own, but half of your day would be COMPLETE!

EVERYTHING is done for you! I encourage you to buy these, run the copies, and place them in a “sub tub” or “sub drawer.” Then your fellow teachers can go right to it when you are sick, pull them out, and you are done! What a lifesaver!


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